1. Sales Tax
i)VAT will be charged extra @14.5% (within Tamilnadu State)
ii)CST @ 14.5% will be charged extra.(Outside the state of Tamilnadu)
iii)CST @ 2% will be charged extra if Form-C is sent along with the order. (Outside the state of Tamilnadu)
iv)Our TIN 33985182117
2. Excise
i)Excise Duty/ EC /SHEC will be charged extra@ 12.5%
ii)Our Excise Code No. AADCM 8264AXM001
iii)We shall provide Excise Duty Gate Pass along with DFT (Duplicate for Transporter ) for availing “CENVAT” claim
3. Marine/Transit Insurance
i)Company will not take any responsibility for damage in transit and no free replacement will be made, If the supporting papers like Loss / Damage / Shortage certificate is not submitted/produced from Transporters. Please intimate to the Insurance surveyor at the nearest office of theUnited India Insurance Company Limited, in your city.
Kindly also send us a copy of the certificate and intimation so that we make early replacement against insurance claim.
ii)Please refer http://www.monarchindia.net/Downloads/monarchdownloadcenter/other's.html for Reference & Guidelines.
iii)Our Open Marine Policy No.090402/21/14/02/00000063 date 17/11/2014 to 16/11/2015.
iv)For more details please refer the link:
4. Freight
i)Price Basis: FOR Theni works, Tamilnadu State, India.
ii)Door delivery charges will be extra.
iii)Transportation though any other transport of your choice which is not situated at theni will attract additional freight cost from our factory to the transporters booking office.
iv)Dispatch Mode